Can you?


I wanted him to be absolutely sure of what he was agreeing to, so I asked him…

Can you please me? Can you make me scream out with such passion and fervor it will sound like a new language that has yet to be heard of or even interpreted.

Can you take me to new heights? Can you take me even higher than Mt. Everest, than the eagle dare soar, far into space, out beyond of the gravitational pull of the sun, where we are floating in the universe of you and me of you and me of you…and me.

How low can you take me. Can you take me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, deeper than the darkest crevasses in the vast ocean or to hell in that proverbial hand basket? Yes, that hell in that hand basket.

Can you lick my lips while kissing me? Can you gently tug my bottom lip with sweet suction of your mouth while biting them gently? Little nibbles baby. Yes, that’s it. Can you suck on my breasts until my nipples get hard and then I want you to suck them even harder. Make them tingle and taunt with firmness as you work your magic. You do have magic don’t you?

Can you?

Can you touch me in a way that my soul quivers when it hears you call my name? Wendy.

Can you take me in your arms and hold me until my past does not taunt me, does not haunt me about who and what I used to be and do. Can you hold me until I feel safe in the knowledge that I am safe.

Can you hold my hand and lead me as we walk? Where we walk really doesn’t matter as long as you lead. Will you rub my feet at the end of the day just because….just because.

Can you allow me to be me with all of my flaws and all my dramatics with all of my needs and all of my dreams, even my nightmares, and still let me be me?

Can you?

Can you sing me a song that no one has ever heard? Written just for me, just about us, so that we can dance until the sunrises and then sets again. Can you write me a poem that succinctly sums up how two lost souls, in the vastness of humanity found each other for just this one moment? This one moment. Only this moment.

Can you give me all of you? Your essence, your being, your mind and soul, can you do that? Can you give them all to me without hesitation, freely, willingly, openly handing them over to me just because I asked you in the knowledge that I won’t hurt because you are.

I want you know that I need you to know that you clearly know that tonight absolutely all about me. But you should already know that when it is positively all about me, it is also all about you.

Can you tell me that you love me, even if it is a lie – cause that is what I want to hear, what I need to hear, right here, and right now at this moment, even if it is not the truth. Sometimes a lie can just make things alright.

Can you do these simple things?

If not, then leave me the fuck alone.


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