To be broken is to be beautiful

To be human is to be broken and brokenness is its own kind of beautiful – R.M. Drake

thTTCMHMKFWhen I was a little girl my favorite toy was a stuffed dog named floppy.  I loved that dog and while I never carried him around with me all the time, there was a sense of security in knowing he was there.  He was tan in color, and had no “bones” in him, therefore he just flopped.  He never sat up, he just flopped.  I must have gotten Floppy when we were living in South Carolina.  He was just a constant in my life until one day, my sister pulled one of Floppy’s ears off, and I never saw him the same again.  My mother stitched him up, but I could always see the little scare around his ears.  He wasn’t my Floppy anymore.  He was broken and damaged.  I did not play with him anymore.  I miss him to this day.

Some of us are broken and we think we are damaged beyond repair.  We think that no one will want someone who is not in perfect and pristine condition.  The everyday wear and tear of life has left us a little less than when we were new out the box.  Like Floppy, we have been dragged on the ground, pulled, tossed, and thrown away in boxes and toy chests, put in the washing machine and hung out to dry.

Or maybe we were a delicate tea cup made of porcelain or of the finest bone china.  Through the years we have discovered nicks and chips, cracks or stains, but we are still functional. Many times, however, a person we trusted to come and drink from us or pour into us, drops and shatter us.  Sometimes by accident but many times we are dropped on purpose, smashed to the ground because they wanted to.

We are broken. We don’t work like we used to.  We have lost pieces and parts of ourselves.

Our brokenness reminds us of the failure in failing instead of the success in trying and taking the risk.

Our brokenness reminds us of times in our lives things did not go the way we intended them to go.  Be the way we want it to be.  Or even look the way we wanted it to look.

When we were shattered into those many pieces, some were never found again.  No matter how hard we look for them, those pieces are gone.  How will we get back to ourselves without those missing pieces?  How will we ever be able to hold the tea in our cup again?  If we are not a tea cup, then what is our purpose?

In our brokenness we lose sight of healing that can take place, piece by piece or stitch by stitch.

Sometimes we are blessed to have replacement parts given to us.  These replacement parts take the place of what was defective and missing, weak or worn out to make us stronger.  The replacement parts can make us that delicate tea cup again, ready to hold and contain the hot beverage we were first placed on earth to be.  But what if that is not what we were meant to be?

What if we thought we were tea cups because that is all that we saw around us, soft, dainty tea cups.  What if we were supposed to hold dirt?  We are to be the vessel that would hold dirt and in that dirt would be a seed, which would grow into a plant that can feed the world.  Would we even know that was an option for us if we were not broken?

There are times in our lives when we must take just the broken pieces that we have and create something new. There are days when we don’t want to gather those pieces.  Sometimes those pieces become shards so small that we can’t see them, but we can feel them when we walk over them with our bare feet.  We may have to use tape, glue, cement, to reconstruct our form.  We may have to let it set for a moment so that the adhesives can set and dry.  What is made may be close to what to how we originally looked, but we may also be changed into a different vessel.

Our brokenness can be used to make us into a new creation.  To change us into the person we are supposed to be.  In order for us to be who we are, we  at times have to be broken of who we once were.  Being broken doesn’t not put a stain on your character or a blemish to your reputation it is life avowing and soul affirming.

To be broken is to be restored

To be broken is to discover what is really inside

To be broken is to be refreshed

To be broken is to be renewed

To be broken is to be recreated

To be broken is to be human.

To be broken is to be beautiful.


2 thoughts on “To be broken is to be beautiful

  1. We are all broken. Some will choose to fix the broken pieces of the tea cup, start over with a new cup, or stay at a standstill viewing downward. My prayer is that our brokenness reveals strengths we would have never known, and use that strength to move forward.

    This is a very nice posting.

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