Today is the day

washington-monumentToday we have an opportunity to create a “new” political system.  Yes, today, amidst all the confusion, anger, hurt, and pain, we can create something new.

The future looks daunting.  We don’t know what is in store, though I can only imagine what an interesting landscape that awaits us, but we have an opportunity.  The challenge is to see our role in it in a way we have not seen before.  We need to see that we can be empowering even when we have no perceived power.  We need to understand that we can be the agent of change, even if that change comes one voice at a time.  We should begin this know that we can be advocates for the right for everyone to be treated with decency and respect, even if we don’t agree.  Can’t we see the value of being diligent while carefully watching what is really happening? Don’t we understand that we must never stand still, but always be moving forward.

We are the army that will bring about a peaceful revolution.

This is the time when we fight the good fight, live a caring life, laugh with compassion and dance with those who can’t even take their first step.  This is our chance to have the community we have always imagined.  The chance to live the dream that our parents hoped for us.  Our chance to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.  Our fight is for us, not a war against anyone.  It is a fight for the good of all.  It is a battle for our very lives, and there will be a victor.

This is the battle that we have been groomed to fight. All the wars on poverty, drugs, the aged, race, gender, human rights, housing, food security, mental health protection, health care, gun control, reproductive freedom, those wars begin today.  At this moment, during this time, today.

Everything prior to today was a scrimmage. Today is war.  Today the revolution begins.  It is the war for the heart of life as we know it and the life of what will become.  It is not going to be a pretty, this war, and at times, while it is not a war that is violent, it will have causalities that we were not prepared to give, but we will not surrender.  We will not give up.  We will not give up.  WE WILL NOT GIVE UP.

Our battle plan is simple.  We will learn the process.  We will understand the process.  We will participate in the process.  We will let those who are in positions of decision making know what we feel through the ballot box, sitting on juries, holding them accountable for actions and behaviors that are not acceptable and detrimental to the good.  We will not be silent.  We will not be silent. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.

We will write letters and emails.  We will call and text.  We will attend town hall meetings, school board meetings, city council meetings, and participate, speak, learn and listen. We will learn the new “buzz words’ of contention and call out language and challenge the attitudes of those that created those them to cause harm and indifference to those who have no voice.  We will comment on legislation, nominations and policies.  We will read and listen.  We will read and listen.  WE WILL READ AND LISTEN.

We have the opportunity to spend our money with those who support us.  To take our dollars and cents and understand the power that we really have even when we may not seem to have as much as others.  We will understand that many pennies together create millions of choices.  We will save and spend wisely.  We will save and spend wisely.  WE WILL SAVE AND SPEND WISELY.

Today we have the opportunity to fight for what we believe in.  I am willing to work with everyone who says they want what is best for me, but I will also give opportunities to those who may have deep philosophical differences with, but I will be watching.  I will be watching and I will be looking.  I will be watching and speaking.  I will be watching and taking action.  I will be watching and mobilizing.  I will be watching.  I will be watching.  I WILL BE WATCHING.   Just as I expect you to watch me and to call me out on the behaviors I exhibit that are not conducive to what I say I represent.   I expect you to let me know when there is something that I do or say that you may not agree with.  I expect you to tell me how you feel.  We can agree to disagree, but to respect each other and appreciate our unique opinions about how we see our future.

Today is that day.  Today is the day that we begin anew.  Today is the day that change begins. This is the day, let’s get started.


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