I crave cake….

My senses craves the idea of you and
the way you would inspire me without even knowing…
My desire for you is beyond irrational, because I set you free…
Many have tried to please me and they have all been good,
but there could only ever be one you….D. J. Pierre

I want to share my cake with you...

I want to share my cake with you…

I crave the idea of being in a relationship. There I said it. And this, at times, sickens me. Why you ask? It makes me to behave in a manner less than becoming. I mean really. Well, let me clarify. It is not that I believe that I need a man to complete me. It is not that I need a man to accomplish my goals in life. It is not even that fact that I need a relationship to determine my social standing. I do, however, love the idea of being in a relationship. But loving the idea, and actually doing the work, are two entirely different things.

Being in a relationship is hard work. It requires sacrifice on both parties, and concessions in the terms of your agreement. It means that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. People that tell you that you can have it all, your cake and eating it to, are either: 1. Lying 2. Not looking at the reality of their relationship or 3. Not in a relationship. The reason you can’t have it all is by the very definition of the word relationship. Being in a relationship means that I am feeding you my cake, and you are feeding me yours…and because we know what each other needs to survive, my cake is good for you, and your cake is good for me.

You see when I was single, I ate my own cake. It could be whatever flavor I wanted it to be. It could have icing or glaze. My cake could be vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Butter cream or whipped cream icing would sit atop and maybe with some sprinkles too. My cake is my cake, and I don’t really care who likes it. I will gladly share my cake, but you will be getting it the way I want you to have it. You will get the amount of cake I want you to have. I am in control of my cake.

But a relationship is not like that. My happiness should come from making your cake. Consulting with you about what you like. Do you want a layered cake or a sheet cake? Would you enjoy fresh fruit or would you prefer just plain icing. You would want to see me make your cake so you can lick the bowl and spoon. This is your cake. If I am in a relationship with you, then you should have input into your cake. Learning about what makes you smack your lips for more. My desire is to make you crave only the cake I make for you.

No, this is no box cake…it is made from scratch. Baking is a science, exact and precise. Each ingredient is carefully selected, prepared, measured, and combined to make the sweet delicacy to your perfect specifications. I have beaten the eggs, creamed the sugar and the butter, and sifted the flour. The oven has been pre-heated to the correct temperature. The batters have been put into the pans, and I am waiting, with you, for the baking to finish. Everything done just the way you like it. This is a cake made from love and devotion. This is a cake that took hard work to make.

Now, my real prayer and wish is that you will bake a cake for me as well. That you will care so much for me that you feel it is necessary to prepare the best cake possible for me. You will take the time to discover what I want. You can explore what tastes and flavors bring me the most pleasure. You will carefully select the finest ingredients, measure them precisely and carefully mix them into a smooth batter. You will place the pans in the oven at the exact temperature, and together we will watch it bake. You will let the cake cool, remove it from the pan, and then ice it with the essence and sweetness you know I like.

And now, here comes the good part of the relationship…Together, we will sit across the table from each other, you with the cake you baked, and me with the cake I baked. Looking into each other’s eyes we feed one another our cakes. Cakes made with loving hands, lingering conversations, probing questions, and uncontrollable laughter. And because we have taken the time to discover what the other likes and dislikes, the cake, baked from the heart of someone that I am in a relationship with, will be the best cake I have ever had.


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