I am 50 years old today and I have no regrets…

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me…

Today you are 50 years old. You have planned a quiet, low-key celebration, just friends at the regular martini night spot, just the way you want it to be, just celebrating every day you, the way that you like it. You really are a solitary person that understands the value of community. You have developed the ability of to make that work for you, but most of the time you prefer to be with you. You are still the best date you have ever had, because you are great company.
So you are fifty, that is a big milestone in life and you have reached it with class and grace and with no regrets. Everything you have been through, every tear of pain and joy, all the laughter and anger, and there are no regrets. The emotions and feelings, the losses and gains, the memories and the nightmares, all done with no regrets.

The times you thought you were going into the depths of insanity to the glorious highs of crawling out of that pit, clinging on to your right mind – no regrets. When you were lost spiritually, asking God why did he leave you, because He must have disappeared, while you were In hell, and yet there is a praise that continuously comes from your mouth because you discovered He had not abandoned you, but he plucked you up from the gates of hell, to have a life worth living with and for Him, yes, there are no regrets.

The jobs you have had, the good ones and the bad. Finding out early in life that you are a people person, because you draw form their energy to be filled. The employers that allowed you to see that it was and never has been about high salaries, but your need to believe in what you do Your jobs have been your ministry. Your jobs have always been the answer to your higher calling, with no regrets.

The relationships you entered because you did not understand your own value. The emptiness and desperation you felt just because you wanted to be loved by others when you couldn’t see that your own love was enough to get you through. That is why you let them use you and why you used them too. The loneliness you felt because you did not know your were not alone made you make some bad choices. But, when you cried your last tear and finally chose you and reality over him and his fantasy, you made it full circle back to you. No regrets.

You have met a lot of people along the way, there are those who love you and continue to do so. The friends you have are not large in number, but strong in their support of you. There are times in your life when you could not see their support, but you always felt it, and distance, time nor situations ever changed that, no regrets.

The constants in your life, the love of family, has never left your side. Your relationship with your parents allowed you to see that they love you the best they could, and that was more than enough. They gave you a foundation that was and is solid enough to last through out the ages. Your love for your siblings is based on that foundation. It is not a perfect love, but a real love, and contains no regrets.

So as I stand on this day, celebrating the day you entered this world 50 years ago, I can see a road in front of me, and what’s there I cannot see where it ends. I do not know what your future holds, I don’t have a clue of where it leads. I don’t know what stops you will take along the road, as it winds through the woods and plains, mountains and valleys. You will have to depend on what you have with you, your experiences, and sometimes you may get lost. You will make choices you won’t like or the results will not be what you wanted, but whatever happens, have no fear and don’t second guess. Take those chances with no regrets.

So my birthday wish to you is:
To have unconditional love and freedom from your mind.
Ask for what you are worth and give more from your heart.
Place your past behind you and watch the blessings rain from the sky…
And live your life with no regrets.


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