Thick Sisters of the world Unite…..we are beautiful

I am beautiful just the way I am....

I am beautiful just the way I am….

I am a Thick Sister, a Big Girl, to some of you I may be fat, and that is your opinion, and you can keep it to yourself. I am a big girl…You can call me thick, fat, obese, heavy, big boned…whatever your little heart desires, but yes, I am a big girl, and I love it! I will never be a size 10 and maybe never a size 14 that is perfectly ok with me, mainly because I never was those sizes. A side note to the fat mafia…I am talking about being healthy and thick…the two can co-exist, and be beautiful.

There is a place where each of us goes, I think, no matter our size, that when we take off our clothes and really look at ourselves in the mirror. I mean really take a look, with the lights on, full sized mirror. And for those of us that carry a bit of weight, it can even be more stressful. Our minds go to when we will have to take our clothes off with our significant other for the first time. There are many negative thoughts that can go through a big girls mind, I know, I have been there and done that. Many times you want the lights to be off so that so that he can’t see the roll here, the flab here, and the “fat” everywhere.

I was in a relationship where my “partner”, in an effort to motivate me and to feel better about himself, called me piggy on a daily basis. The more I asked for it to stop, the more he did it. Eventually I began to believe that I was a pig. I began to believe that I was not beautiful, not attractive, and would not be wanted, desired, or loved by anyone else. Who would want to love a pig? It was not until years later that I came to the understanding that those were his issues, not mine. His inability to accept and love all that I am was his insecurity, and had nothing to do with my size. In time I learned to accept what I have as mine, and to not only accept it, but to love it.

I am soft, with large breasts that are not perky, they hang a little, hell, they hang a lot, but they are all mine. I have a big behind. It is a large, round and has a few wrinkles, and dimples, but it is my butt, and I am proud of it. I have rolls on my stomach…my rolls that are soft to hold. I have large thighs, and thick calves. I even have a gut…and yes I embrace every inch of it.

I understand that I am not for everyone, that’s OK, because I am for me, and that is what is most important. I have learned the advantages of being a woman of size and substance. (shhh….can’t tell all the secrets, but best believe, there is something mighty nice about Big Girl Love…lol)…I don’t know much, but I do know this….the older I get, the better I get…and the better I get, the more I don’t give a damn…and the more I don’t give a damn, the happier I am…I am one thick happy sister…


2 thoughts on “Thick Sisters of the world Unite…..we are beautiful

  1. Congrats Wendy on discovering “you”. I admire your confidence and love of self. You are right there is nothing finer and stimulating than a BBW. Just like Baskins&Robbins; all colors . Shapes and sizes! Yummie. It’s too bad you ex- idiot BF didn’t recognized the beauty within you. To call someone outside of their name is cruel and hurtful. Again kudos on your piece and keep up the good work !!!

    Your Biggest fan,

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