I was nervous, but I did it….

Passing out my business card...scary but worth it.

Passing out my business card…scary but worth it.

There we were standing in line at the place I eat lunch every day, talking about meat. Let me explain. Ian, the chef, had the brilliant idea to have a menu of “Eastern” style Bar-B-Que. There was a spread of brisket, ribs, hot links, pulled pork and chicken, arugula salad, baked beans and Texas toast. I was having a conversation with Ian about putting sauce on meat, I began to explain that I did not know anything about bar-b-que sauce because my Dad, the master of the grill, had the best dry rub and cooking process for his meat. (If you ever had my Dad’s bar-b-que, then you know this to be a real statement) Then this voice came from behind me and said, “Yep, that is the way we do it too!!!”

I turned around, and there he stood. He was about 6 feet tall, on the slim side, wore glasses and those Haggar casual slacks with a blue button down shirt. He had brown hair and brown eyes. On top of that, he was multi-tasking. He was talking to me, looking at the buffet line, looking at me, and checking on his email all at the same time. So I said to him, “what do you know about true bar-b-que?”, and that began a conversation.

We stood in line and talked about the difference between grilling and bar-b-que, what you call the “fatty” end of the brisket,(it is called the juicy part) and if you really season your meat do you really need sauce. We waited for each other to go through the line, talking to each other and talking to Ian. It was a great short conversation, filled with laughter and knowledge.

As we moved to the check-out line, I remembered what promised to do this year, so I did it. I gave him my calling card, and suggested that if he wanted to further discuss the proper way to cook brisket, to give me a call. I was scared, and nervous at the same time. What if he didn’t call? What if he wasn’t even interested in me “like that”?

Then I thought, so what? What is the worst that could happen? He could throw the card away. It is not that expensive of a card, Vista print, 250 for $10.00. He could reject the card, then I get to keep it, no harm, and no foul. He could go back to his office and tell a bunch of people that I have never met nor will ever meet and tell the story of how some crazy broad tried to pick him up at the food court.

So what? At least I tried to do something that was outside of my comfort zone. I put forth an effort to do something different to get a new outcome. At least I determined that if I find interest in someone, I can ask them out. I can be the one to make the first move, and if it does not work…so what, it just means that it did not work today, and there is always tomorrow.

So, I gave him my card…..and he took it….and then…. he called….


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