I’ll call you back in a few….

Do I answer it or let it go to voice mail?

Do I answer it or let it go to voice mail?

Give me a few minutes and I will call you back….and so the waiting game begins. Will they really call you back? Sometimes you call someone, especially after you have had what you thought was a good time, then after the call, you get the “hey, can you give me a few, and I will call you back” line.

Now in all honesty, I have used this line on a couple of occasions. Most of the time when I really did not have that great a time, but am not sure what to say to the guy, so in order to get my self together, and not hurt someone’s feelings, I use the give me a minutes I’ll call you back line. Sometimes one of you has way more fun than the other. Sometimes one of you may have become, for what ever reason, more attached, than the other. Sometimes it just is not going to work for you, no matter how much you have had to drink…

You can always tell when it is a brush off, verses a real interruption. There is never a time given on the return, always a vague time, like I will call you back in a few….a few, a time that has no exact measure …a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, month, years, decades….Which few??? We accept this answer because we rationalize that any time during the next century he will open up his schedule and you will be next on his call back list. And I am sure that women do this too, because I, though ashamed to say, have used this very tactic myself.

Sometimes when you meet someone, and it is not quite what you expected, you give the old,” hey give me a few minutes and I will call you back line. I know it is wrong..but this line is given for a few reasons:

1. Don’t want to really hurt anyone’s feeling. These are usually really nice gentlemen, but I just am not feeling them in that manner, and you know that they want more than you could possible give then….I take that time to determine how am I going to tell them I really don’t want to see them anymore, and so I need a few moments to get myself together.

2. When the person is a total jack ass. The ole, “give me a few” line allows you to get off the phone, program the cell phone to display “Don’t Answer #12” when their number pops up and forget that horrible experience ever happened.

3. Sometimes there are times when you are in the middle of something else, and really do mean that you need a few…but those times are usually followed with an explanation of what is going on….I am really busy at work, this is not a good time to talk, the husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend just walked in, legitimate reasons that you can’t talk at the moment.

I think that people just need to say it. Be brave and say those words…when you hear that voice on the phone, and your eyes roll to the top of your head because you know it is that it’s him or her You begin to look around the room for any excuse that you can use to get off the phone. You even begin to contemplate calling yourself from another phone so that you can get off that line Maybe we just need to grow enough balls to say…..while I had a great time with you at dinner, I am just seeing anything more than a friendship..

But then…could I get back to you about this ….in a few?


4 thoughts on “I’ll call you back in a few….

    • Not complaining, just stating facts that both sides do it, and we all need to learn to just say our own truth…whatever it may be….Thanks for always reading and supporting…It means a lot to me….

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