New Year – New way of life

So I have decided to become a flexitarian.  (I hear the sound of crickets…)  A flexitarian is a vegetarian that is not hung up on eating meat.  I am being flexible with the definition by defining my new dining habit as a carnivore that is not opposed to vegetarian tendencies.  What the looks like for me is going meatless once a week, gradually going to twice a week, then ending up at three times a week….OK, to be realistic, I think it will start with a day of fish as my protein, then moving my way up. 

This is not to lose weight, I actually like my curves.  No, it is to just try a different lifestyle.  To be a bit healthier, and to do something a bit different.  It is never too old to learn something different.  As I reach a new milestone in life, 50 years, I want to be able to open my life book and see the many things that I did in life, and have few regrets.  I want to do things these next 50 years than I did the first 50 years. 

I want to be honest with myself – life and choices are easier when being honest with yourself.  I want to enjoy life.  No, I mean really enjoy life.  Really open myself to the continued endless possibilities and options that will be available to me.  I want to build deeper relationships with the people I know.  Meet new people to add to my circle and build my community.  I want to improve my spiritual life, increasing my prayer life and maybe finally finding a permanent church home.  And what does this have to do with being a flexitarian?

Well, it is about continuing to improve my quality of life.  The quality, not the quantity.  It is about taking time to know who I am and what I am.  Becoming a flexitarian is about being available and open to different opportunities, it is about becoming flexible.  Being flexible does not break you, on the contrary, it makes you firm in the standards that you have had, while realizing that those standards can be seen in a different way, which can still lead you in the direction that you were headed.  Being flexible allows you to be viewed by others that may be on the same journey as you, but never noticed you before, because you were covered in your rigidness. 

Becoming a flexitarian is a way to learn and grow, to share and know.  Becoming a flexitarian is the beginning of a wonderful adventure, that will filled with up’s, downs, evilness, and goodness….I am excited to begin this new chapter one day at a time…


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