I have just arrived to a brand new day…

Today I have just arrived.

It has anticipated my arrival, and made all the necessary arrangements for me.  The band is playing my favorite song and the parade has floats and large balloons.  There are throngs of people on each side of the street cheering and yelling my name.  The people in the high rise buildings are hanging out the windows throwing out the ticker tape. Yes, I have just arrived.  I have arrived to embrace the day.

Each day is full of surprises because we have just arrived…

I have never been in this position until today.  I have not experienced the people that I will see until today.  They may be the same person that I see each day, but I have not seen them today.  I may have gone to bed with them last night, and woke up with them this morning, but this moment with them is a new moment that I have not had until today.  No matter how many times I do this, each day it is a new day.

I may have been in this place before, but it was not like it is today.  The breakfast I am eating today is as new as the work out I did this morning.  The outfit that I grab from my closet is just as new today as the day I bought it.  My shoes, purse and jewelry that will accessorize my look are also new today.  They are all new because today, I have just arrived.

The time and space that is now, I am seeing it for the first time.  There will never be a time like this again.  The forces that have come together to bring me to this place will only occur once, today.  The experiences that are lined up for me will only happen today.  I have never seen this day before, and will never witness it again. I have never experienced this day before.  I have never had today’s adventure before.  I have never lived this day before, because I have just arrived today.

Every day is a new day.  It is a new journey that takes me to places I never could imagine.  The choices that I have to make today are new.  The tears I will cry, the laughter I will share, the memories that I will make are all new today.  And at the end of that day, I will have arrived at a new destination, I will rest from my exciting day, and prepare for a brand new one.  Yes, I will have just arrived to start all over again…av rand new day, a brand new arrival.  Each day, I have just arrived.


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