What makes you smile?  What makes your heart sing with joy?  Have the courage to follow your passion, wherever it may lead.

What makes you smile? What are you passionate about?

When was the last time you were passionate about something?  When did you last feel so strongly about something, that the mere thought of it brought laughter to your soul?  Do you remember the last time you felt something so deeply it moved you to tears?  Passion.  Very powerful emotions such as love, joy, hatred and anger.  The object of extreme enthusiasm.  Passion.  A strong liking or desire; an intense or overmastering feeling or conviction.  When was the last time you had a real feeling?

How long has it been since you followed your heart’s desire?  Have you let your heart dictate to your head, and allowed emotion to overrule logic?  When was the last time you said to hell with what people say or think, I am just going to go after this feeling with everything that is in me.

Why haven’t you allowed yourself to feel?  To feel so deeply that you had to pause to it take it in.  When was the longing to really live outweighed by the compromised to just exist?  The act of  day to day life has become a chore and not the adventure it should be.  What are you afraid of?  Fear has you in its grip.  Don’t you feel it getting tighter and tighter, squeezing the very air needed by you out. What is holding you back, keeping you stuck, making you stand back and reason away your life.

There was a time when you could do anything.  When your outside the box thoughts were the main attraction.  You were the one that people looked to for the innovation.  They sought your opinion because of your devotion to making change, bucking the status quo.  People admired your style, your class, your infatuation with all things new and exciting.   The life groupies wanted to hang out with you because they just wanted to bask in your presence.  You rocked!!!

But somewhere along the road, you slowly came to accept things in life you never did before, and in exchange you gave away pieces of yourself.  At first they were little bits, but they were but they were important.  Your independent mind, your thirst for knowledge, your yearning for freedom, all things that you treasured, you gave away for a sense of security.  A time came when you thought that you had to conform to what was going on out there.  With each portion you gave away, you lost a more of your passion.

Now there is only a small piece left…a tiny spark of what once consumed your every thought and action.  The passion has not left, it is still there.  It is waiting for you to come back into her arms where it is safe and warm.  Passion can protect you.  She can help you turn that spark into a raging fire that can be harnessed but never controlled.

Every time you do something that makes you smile, hold on to that feeling. When you sense your heart skipping a beat, remember that moment.  Those times that you feel choked up inside by what was happening outside, grab hold and don’t let go…that is your passion, making it triumphant come back….Welcome her.   Nurture her.  Love her.  Then watch yourself come back to life…


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