Making changes…

The fear of not risking change is worse than the fear of change itself.  So take a breath, smile, and jump in at the deep end. 

What scares me more than the dentist, (and I am deathly afraid of the dentist) is being so paralyzed with fear at a time when I can least afford to be.  We have all heard that change is good.  Change allows for growth.  Change develops you into the strong person that you are to become.   That sounds good and well until you are faced with that change.

I am not talking about change in soap, or toilet paper.  It is easy for us to make small changes and celebrate them.  It is even easy to explain changes that everyone sees as positive.  Moving to a healthier lifestyle, going back to school, changing nail polish, quitting smoking, not drinking, becoming celibate.  No, those changes are easy in comparison.

I am talking about life altering changes. Changes that takes you out of your comfort level.  There are some changes in life that you are required to make.  These changes are essential to your survival.  These are changes that may not be accepted by everyone.  These are changes that you won’t be able to explain to your friends or family.  Hell, these are changes that are, at times, hard to explain to yourself. Yet know deep down inside that you must do this.

Making the decision to move to a new city where you have to create a whole new support system.  The choice to leave a significant other, even when to the outside world, it looks picture perfect when you know the reality is much different.  The notion of having to exorcise someone out of your life who at one time played an important role in it, because you have in all honesty out grown that relationship.  Changing your spiritual house of worship, because it just does not minister to the needs of who you have become.  Accepting some things in life that you said you would never accept because not doing so causes more pain than love.  Those are the hardest type of change there is to make, because they cut to the core of who you are. A change that is so totally differently t0 what you have, how you have behaved, or who you associate with.  And yet, if you don’t make that change, you know that you will die.  You will not survive in the state you are currently in.

And so what are we afraid of?  The idea of change or the change itself?

We fail to see that when we acknowledge there is a change that needs to happen, we have fought half of the battle.  It means that we have actually looked at the situation and determined that a change has to happen.  The question then becomes do I just jump in?  And the answer is yes. If we keep waiting for things to be perfect, we will never change for there will never be the perfect conditions or a perfect time.  Just jump, and trust that what has kept you through all of the crazy before, will keep you and protect you when you land.

So today I choose to risk change. Take a risk in the way I view things, the way I have been operating, and risk a change in the direction I have been headed.  So today I have my swim fins on, and I am jumping in the deep end.


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